Annotations – Smart Canteens

Annotations – Smart Canteens

Curious about something you heard on this week’s episode of Write Sweats? Check out the annotations for the Smart Canteen episode!

  • Yogurtland – Chain of self-serve frozen yogurt restaurants founded in 2006.
  • Scrivener – Word-processing app for tons-of-platforms.
  • Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus – 1818 gothic novel written by Mary Shelley, the inspiration behind Herman Munster.
  • Gamestop – Massive video game store known for their whack-ass buyback program.
  • The Loser’s Club – Main group of protagonists from Stephen King’s It novel and subsequent movie and television versions.
  • Pennywise – Main antagonist from Stephen King’s It novel and subsequent movie and television versions.
  • Hallmark Channel – TV channel known for their sub-Lifetime Channel made-for-TV movies, I guess inspired by the greeting cards.
  • Lifetime Channel – TV channel known for their better-than-Hallmark made-for-TV movies, I guess inspired by life.
  • The Princess Switch – 2018 Netflix “Prince & Pauper” switcheroo Christmas flick, starring (trailer);
    • Vanessa Hudgens – (b. 1988) – American actress known for the High School Musical series and Spring Breakers.
Image result for the princess switch
sprang break?

Related image

  • Death at a Funeral – 2007 British black-comedy (trailer) starring Peter Dinklage, spawned the remake;
  • The Station Agent – 2003 American movie starring Peter Dinklage (trailer).
  • Die Hard – 1988 action flick with Bruno and Snape (trailer).
  • Gremlins – 1984 “comedy horror” film by Joe Dante (trailer).
  • Chrismukkah –  Portmanteau of “Christmas” and “Hanukkah” popularized by Seth Cohen in The OC.
  • M*A*S*H – TV series running from 1972 to 1983, featuring;
    • Radar – Played by Gary Burghoff, returning from the movie of the same name.
    • Hawkeye – Main protagonist of M*A*S*H, portrayed by Alan Alda.

Image result for mash tv show

  • Mash – Paper-bound game, typically played by adolescent girls, which determines the player’s romantic future.
  • Hart of Dixie – CW TV show airing from 2011 to 2015 where Rachel Bilson moves to the country.
  • Doc Hollywood – 1991 movie where Michael J. Fox moves to the country (trailer).
  • Freaky Friday – Body-switch movie made in 1976, then 1995, and then, again, in 2003.
  • Belgravia – Fictional nation from The Princess Switch.
  • Genovia – Fictional nation from The Princess Diaries.
  • Wakanda – Fictional nation from the Marvel Universe, mainly dealing with Black Panther and co.
  • The Holiday Calendar – 2018 Netflix Christmas movie about a magic advent calendar (trailer).
  • Kylo Ren – Main antagonist of Star Wars episodes 7, 8, and 9, played by ya boy Adam Drives.

Image result for ben swolo

  • Ducky – Jon Cryer’s lame character from Pretty in Pink
  • Yule – Wintertime festival mainly associated with the historic Germanic people, now Modern Paganism.
  • Boxing Day – Holiday celebrated the day after Christmas Day.
  • Parks and Recreation – TV show airing from 2009 to 2015, featuring the characters;
    • Andy Dwyer – Lead singer of “MouseRat,” “God Hates Figs,” “Department of Homeland Obscurity,” “Flames For Flames,” “Muscle Confusion,” “Nothing Rhymes With Orange” (then, “Everything Rhymes With Orange”), “Punch Face Champions,” “Rad Wagon,” “Puppy Pendulum,” “Possum Pendulum,” “Penis Pendulum,” “Handrail Suicide,” “Angel Snack,” “Just The Tip,” “Jet-Black Pope,” “Four-Skin” (later “Three-Skin” when one member quit), “MouseRat” (again), “RatMouse” (without Dwyer), “Scarecrow Boat,” “Tackleshaft” and then “MouseRat” (yet again).
    • April Ludgate – Aka Janet Snakehole, Judy Hitler, Satan’s Niece.
  • Christian Grey – Male protagonist of the Fifty Shades of Grey series and Grey, I guess he’s supposed to be Ed Cullen too?
  • Patrick Bateman – Main character of the American Psycho book and movie, idol of Scott Disick.
  • Gilmore Girls – American series airing from 2000 to 2007, then back in 2016, following the exploits of the titular Gilmore girls.
    • Rory’s Dad – Christopher Hayden, business bitch.
  • Harvey Fierstein – (b. 1954) – Not the other Harvey.

Image result for harvey fierstein mrs doubtfire

  • Miranda Priestly – Character from The Devil Wears Prada, played by Meryl Streep, supposed to be Anna Wintour.
  • Me Too (#metoo) – International movement against sexual harassment and sexual abuse, especially in the workplace.
  • Temporary Secretary” – Electro-Pop weirdness from Paul McCartney’s 1980 masterpiece McCartney II.
  • Requiem for a Dream – 2000 Aronofsky flick involving drug addiction (trailer).
  • John Goodman – (b. 1952) – American actor known for The Big LebowskiRoseanne, and tons of other good stuff.
  • Coyote Ugly – 2000 movie starring Piper Perabo and Tyra Banks about a gross bar (trailer).
  • Superman – Superhero that showed up in 1938.
  • Spider-Man – Superhero that showed up in 1962. Had an aunt;
  • “Old Aunt May”

Image result for aunt may movie

  • “Hot Aunt May”

Image result for aunt may movie

  • Love, Actually – 2003 romantic-comedy with tons of characters and Bill Nighy (trailer).
  • Yul Brynner – Famous bald guy.
  • “Look it up Scotty!” – Recurring joke from the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast. Said when host Scott Aukerman has to look something up online.
  • Hammmmm” – Ponyo love ham.
  • Fireplace for Your Home – Netflix show featuring a steady image of a log burning – nothing else.
  • The Baxter – 2005 romantic comedy satire written, directed, and starring Michael Showalter (trailer).



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