Annotations – Charlie’s Big Thing

Annotations – Charlie’s Big Thing

Curious about something you heard on this week’s episode of Write Sweats? Check out the annotations for the Charlie’s Big Thing episode!

  • Escondido Friends of the Library – Section of the (for-profit) Escondido library where volunteers sell used books to raise money for???
  • Harlequin Romance Novels – Founded in 1949, Harlequin Enterprises specializes in publishing a wide-array of romance novels, over 1,000 original titles per year.
  • Regency Romance – Literary genre of romance stories that typically take place during the period of British Regency (1811-180), often surrounding class and class relations.
  • Neuromancer – 1984 sci-fi novel written by William Gibson, introduced the term “cyberspace” and many other concepts concerning the internet.
  • Futurism – Literary, artistic, and critical movement that dealt with emphasized conceptions of technology and urbanity. (In the context of this episode, Jesse meant to say “futurology“)
  • Post-Humanity – Philosophical and critical framework that mainly deals with the future, but also what it means to be human in a world of ever-expanding signifiers and significance.
  • Dystopian Literature – Genre that deals with the less-than-rosy downfall of society as we understand it.
  • The Matrix – Film trilogy created by The Wachowskis about rebellion against the machines, the agents, and Joey Pants. Franchise includes:
    • The Matrix – Released in 1999 (trailer).
    • The Matrix Reloaded – Released in Spring 2003 (trailer).
    • The Matrix Revolutions – Released in Fall 2003 (trailer).
    • The Animatrix – 2003 anime anthology film featuring 6 different tales from within the universe of The Matrix (trailer).
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tfw your mom makes you wear your fancy clothes to grandma’s
  • Donna Haraway – (b. 1944) – Feminist scholar, known for bridging the gap between feminism and science. Author of the book;
  • Cyborg Theory – Critical framework, most noticeably put forth in Donna Haraway’s “A Cyborg Manifesto“, which “rejects the notions of essentialism, proposing instead a chimeric, monstrous world of fusions between animal and machine” and that states that ” the unified human subject of identity has shifted to the hybridized posthuman of technoscience”… real smarty pants stuff.
  • The Merciless – 2014 novel by Danielle Vega, described in all press material as “Mean Girls meets The Exorcist.
  • A Streetcar Named Desire – 1947 play written by Tennessee Williams, inspired The Simpsons episode “A Streetcar Named Marge“.
  • Arthur Miller – (1915 – 2005) – American playwright, known for The Crucible, Death of a Salesman, and boning Marilyn Monroe.
  • Will Grayson, Will Grayson – 2010 novel by John Green and David Levithan concerning the suburban lives of two teens named Will Grayson.
  • John Green – (b. 1977) – Supernerd does good, author of;
  • Love, Simon 2018 romantic teen dramedy directed by Greg Berlanti and starring Alias and Buster Bluth (trailer).
  • Dr. Nikola Hobbel – English professor at Humboldt State University.
  • Eighth Grade – 2018 film by Bo Burnam, starring Elsie Fisher. It’s charminggggggg (trailer).
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teenage things are afoot at the sbarros

Image result for betty draper gun

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  • Austin, Texas – State capital of Texas, Linklater country, the inspiration of the titular Austin Stories.
  • Live-Work Spaces – Late capitalist nightmare.
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma – “Oil Capital of the World,” home of Gary Busey.
  • Worchester, Massachusetts – The “Heart of the Commonwealth,” home of Gary Busey.
  • Burt Bacharach – (b. 1928) – American composer and songwriter, known for working with Hal David.
  • Austin Powers – Do he make you horny baybee?
  • Thomas Hart Benton – (1889 – 1975) – American artist at the forefront of the Regionalist movement.
  • Don Cheadle – (b. 1964) – American actor from House of Pies and Boooogie Nights. 
  • Sylvia Browne – (1936 – 2013) – American psychic from daytime TV.
  • William Blake – (1757 – 1827) – English poet and printmaker, creator of Songs of Innocence and Experience. 
  • Bruce Wayne – Millionaire playboy, def not Batman.
  • Clark Kent – New York journalist, def not Superman.
  • Cindy Lou Who – Reminds the Grinch about the magic of Christmas, later Taylor Momsen.
  • “Don’t Cross the Stream”
Image result for don't cross the streams
  • Rick Grimes – Main protagonist of The Walking Dead franchise of zombie stuff.
  • Fitbit – Wearable technology that counts steps and other stuff.
  • Strava – Social fitness network. Great for showing people working out that you’re working out.
  • Shark Tank – American reality TV show where slimy nerds try to sell garbage to other slimy nerds.
  • Jay Leno – (b. 1950) – American TV host, denim enthusiast.
  • Mario – It’s a-him, Mario.
  • Camero Yenko – Fast car go vroom.
  • 2 Fast 2 Furious – Sequel to 1 Fast 1 Furious, starring;
    • Paul Walker (1973 – 2013) – Actor portraying Brian O’Conner, I guess an undercover cop, idk) (trailer).
  • Shaun Cassidy – (b. 1958) – American actor and singer, had some hair in the 70’s,
  • Goop – Lifestyle brand blog started by Gwenyth Paltrow (you know, from Shallow Hal).
  • Dead Ringers – 1988 film directed by David Cronenberg, starring Jeremy Irons and Jeremy Irons (trailer).

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