Annotations – Which Witch?

Annotations – Which Witch?

Curious about something you heard on this week’s episode of Write Sweats? Check out the annotations for the Which Witch? episode!

The Three Heathers

  • Huffington Post (HuffPost) – Online news outlet founded in 2005.
  • BuzzFeed – All-encompassing website founded in 2006, known for their lists, quizzes, and endless videos where people respond to something.
  • Listicle” – A piece of online content that is somewhere between a list and an article (or that is full of Full House gifs).
  • Bender Bending Rodriguez – Bending robot in animated TV show Futurama, pal of Fry.
  • Monsterhearts – Role-playing game concerning the “messy lives of teenage monsters.”
  • Dungeons & Dragons – OG tabletop role-playing game.
  • Deleuze and Guattari – French critical theorists who wrote a number of works dealing with post-structuralism and the concept of the rhizome, including;
  • Pulitzer Prize – Award in literature, newspaper, journalism, online journalism, and music composition, named after Joseph Pulitzer.
  • Steampunk – Fantasy sub-genre where things that aren’t normally machines are now machines.
  • Cyberpunk – Fantasy sub-genre where things that aren’t normally computers are now computers.
  • Rainbow Rowell – (b. 1973) – American author of works including;
  • William Shakespeare – (1564-1616) – English playwright, probably.
  • Orson Welles – (1915-1985) – American actor and director of films including;
  • Peter Bogdanovich – (b. 1939) – American director, actor, and ascot enthusiast.
  • Diane Keaton – (b. 1946) – American author and actor in;
    • Annie Hall – 1977 romantic-comedy, won Keaton an Academy Award for Best Actress.
  • Kate Chopin – (1850-1904) – American author of short stories and novels such as;
    • The Awakening – Published 1899, a book about fuckin’.
  • Local Color – Literature genre that values realism when it comes to dialects, customs, history, landscape, etc of a certain place.
  • Amazon Dinosaur Porn – Erotic e-books about fuckin’ dinosaurs.
  • Chuck Tingle – (b. ????) – Author of “gay niche erotica” including My Billionaire Triceratops Craves Gay Ass, Seduced by Dr. Bigfoot: Attorney at Large, The Fear Of The Unknown Gives My Butt Pause But Then I Realize How Powerful And Unique I Am And We Pound Enthusiastically, etc.

Image result for chuck tingle billionaire triceratops

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